Everyone chases success to be happy and grow in life so that when we look back in life we see ourselves as well accomplished and complete.

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Living on the edge

We all find ourselves on crossroads many a times in life. Every path has its goods and bads, not knowing which way is our way gives the feeling of living on the edge…it could go either ways – you could die or fly but taking that jump is the most crucial decision you will ever take.

When you find yourself on crossroads know that its going to change you forever  no matter what road you choose. It is essentially the only purpose of having such choices in our lives. You will grow and will never be the same


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Lost in the ocean…

We all are familiar with this feeling of being lost, not knowing where we belong any more, where we are going and why, totally disconnected. Our heads are dizzy, heart is confused, mind is blocked and instead of letting it go and going with the flow, we over analyse and still don’t find any clues, and go round & round in circles.


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Being true to Your true self…

You were created so that God could experience himself through your soul. But most people are so afraid to open up and live life truly from their heart. All they ever do is to comply with society, family, peers, neighbour, partner, children just to fit their perception of right or wrong. Never once they do a thing in life with confidence that is approved by their HEART.

being true to yourself

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