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New Beginnings…

Often life forces us to leave our familiar surroundings and push us to experience new realities  and broaden our horizons.


Every moment is a new beginning. Every day is an opportunity to leave whatever that has happened to you in past and move on  with renewed hope and excitement for exploring the unknown. Instead of regretting the past and worrying about future one should always be grateful for past experiences and be excited for every new beginning that is yet to come.


Our present no matter how tragic one’s life is, should always be full of hope and dreams. No matter what has happened to you – you can’t sit and fuss about it forever. Whatever happened is all in the past even what happened five minutes back is past you can’t change it but can choose to not waste your present also over it because even this present will soon become past and if you continue to attach your life to that one thing that happened in the past – soon you r past, present, future in short whole life will be only full of it. Instead of just letting go of that five minutes experience you will make your life about that incident. Don’t do it…Don’t cling on it. Happy people are always light travellers they leave all burdens in the past and travel forward only with the lessons learnt and love gained. So let go of stuff that no longer serves your purpose and move on….



One response to “New Beginnings…

  1. Cindy ⋅

    Great reminder! Every second of every day could be a “new beginning” ! Thanks for sharing!

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