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Fear Robs Your Life

Its “o.k” to be afraid in life but letting it rule your life and make decisions based on it is “not o.k” If you revise all your actions in life you will find either they are triggered by Love or Fear. Everytime we have given this opportunity to base our decisions and do something out of love or fear. Love begets joy, success, positivity and fear gives you loss, sadness, void, regrets.


Once you start listening to fear it CONTROLS you. You take one step based on fear and the resulting negative outcome again makes you act out of fear it is a cycle which takes courage and positivity to break. You need to have underlying faith, confidence and courage to take any outcome without looking back.


Today anything that happens to you is your own creation. You cant let other factors take blame for your own failure. Whatever energy you put out in universe it will come back to you. So if you fear something you are giving it power to play on your life and control you. Stop giving powers outside of you. Think on your own, gain mental strength and give power to yourself.


Nothing and no one can ever harm you unless you give it the authority to. By just this awareness you can overcome any roadblock and wave goodbye to your fears forever.


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