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Empowering yourself

There comes a time in life when you have to stand tall for yourself alone without any support. You have to muster all the courage and do what is right for you and what you want. For only you can give that strength to yourself to achieve your unique goals.

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You are not suppose to wait forever Sit in corner and contemplate, telling everyone you meet – what miserable state you are in – hoping they will change your life, keeping yourself in invisible bondage conditioned by all sorts of made up reasons, procrastinating, not taking any action fearing you will fail, putting emotional barriers, living for others, doing what everybody else does, crying/complaining/cribbing, depending on others for your happiness, waiting for others permission to do what you want to do, living by others definition of right/wrong, making choices that are approved by others so as to get their acceptance!!!


——Put An END To All This—–

Make Your Own Choices

Be Independent

Stop Living For Others

Start Living For Yourself

Create Your Own World

Only Value Your Own Approval

Enhance Your Individuality

Get Acquainted With Your Likes & Dislikes.

Dont Let Others Emotions Run Your Life.

Always Always Always

Stand Up For Yourself

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Never let go of your life and surrender it to others, and later complain, cry that you are not happy and what happened to you was not your fault. Because it is your fault alone if you live by others emotions, choices, right/wrong.

Open your eyes and realise you are an individual with the heart and mind of your own, which you have to listen, its your duty to use it for running your life for a more fulfilled experience.

If you are facing roadblocks and cannot find a way to empower yourself then dont get mentally stuck on it and stir around the roadblock and free yourself from the limitations.

Dont limit yourself on one thing. There are innumerable ways to empower yourself  – you can start your own business, learn new things, explore and travel new places, get a new job, learn to voice out your true feelings, learn to distinguish right from wrong…

Change the ways you think, carry a renewed attitude and develop your choices, adopt new behaviours that help you empower yourself…you dont need to be victim of circumstances rather writer of your own destiny.

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