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Everyone chases success to be happy and grow in life so that when we look back in life we see ourselves as well accomplished and complete.

But what is this is happiness? why everyone at every stage of life keep on chasing it? why we never hear anyone say they are more than happy and at peace?  
Happiness is only a state of mind obviously. Success is defined by ego and measured by how much ‘I’ have accomplished and how much ‘I’ have of everything in life.

It’s certainly good to keep a goal and work towards it but equally important to scrutinize your ‘Goal’ – is it earning more money? having more luxuries? getting six figured salaries? only hoping for outward circumstances to change? creating more beautiful outer life without focusing on inner life? When you chase hollow things blindly in life all you gather is a hollow life.
What you chase you will become so its important to re-assess your choices, goals and wishes.

Life is in small thing and not in achieving monetary or fame things. When you combine minutes you get hours, hours turns into days, days into years. And these years overall count as the life you have lived so far. So these minutes are small, tiny moments that you have and in these short moments is where the life happens.

Success is driven by your thoughts alone. Its the driving force, whatever your thoughts rate you, only that much successful you become – not a step ahead & not a step behind.So you need to clear out your own thoughts in order to succeed. Refresh, rethink, rebuild about where you stand today and where you want to reach.

It’s all in your head….
If in your head you are a beggar – you certainly become one.
If in your head you rule whole world – you certainly do
If in your head everybody around you doesn’t cares or loves you – they most certainly wont do!
If in your head, love is unconditional and everywhere – it most certainly is.
If in your head you are a weak person – you obviously wont be able to win any fight.
Whatever your mind tells you – Its going to be the fact of your life.
You see – we create our own reality good/bad/ugly everything comes from our own thoughts. Our thoughts have the vibrational power of attracting matching frequencies of consequences.
Thats why it is important to meditate and look at our thought with full concentration and delete the ones which will create bad outcomes for us. And with the help of affirmations plant new thoughts to achieve the desired outcomes.


Your thoughts alone make or break you. If you think you are a loser – you surely are. If you think you are best at everything and can achieve everything – you surely get those superpowers – but you have to believe it without a single thought of doubt only then you can succeed.
Thoughts regulate our emotions – Emotions brings out action – Actions if repeated forms into habit – And habits define who we become in life.
So one negative thought gives you negative emotions which makes you take negative action and manifests a negative outcome. And when you are living this self-created negative outcome you tend to get fresh negative thoughts and it goes on like a vicious cycle..
To break this cycle one needs to make a conscious effort and follow the process persistently. If everywhere in every part of your life you are getting failures, chances are your thoughts needs re-wiring. You need to have positive total-positive thoughts.
To break the pattern you need to start by putting artificial fake thoughts in your head. Strong positive affirmations – write it down – say it loud all the time – practice in the mirror – use these affirmations when you talk to others about you life – say it loud all the time – Fake IT, till you Make IT.


Say you are a happy person – happy person – happy person – Even if you are depressed, even if situations around you are complete disasters, even if you have lost all the hope – Just keep saying it
This artificial programming will trick your head into thinking you are actually a happy person and all the ideas that you already have it in your head about happy person – your mind will start having thoughts according to that. Next whenever you are in a fight or any similar situation – Your head will whisper ‘You are a happy person’ and happy person never cares about petty fights or carry on with any negative feeling after the fight – It just says what’s troubling them once and moves on with their lives. By doing this you have tricked your mind into positive thinking leading to positive actions which will obviously create a positive outcome. Like in this case, after fighting you will feel only light and at peace, which will help you create new positive thoughts only!



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