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It’s true when they say “A Man without a goal & passion in his heart is a Fire without light”

We all go through various points of searching a reason to breath in our lifetime. Some of us are yet to understand what is purpose, some of us knowing the importance of it have already begun the search, some of us are living our life’s purpose and if you are alive and reading this it means you still have a purpose to breath.


So for those who have no idea what it is –

Consider your birthday and now think for a moment Why you were born on that particular date, in those exact surroundings, within this family – why you grew up exactly the way you did – what is the reason of creating a personality with all these dynamics mixed – Exactly making you what you are today…Your victories, your trials, yours pains, your everything – It made you what you are today – To achieve & accomplish something, anything, everything…

You were made this way and put in such conditions in this place and time to live your purpose. To carry out the duty universe has assigned to you for which you were given this life.

Now, it could be a small favour, or doing your daily routine duties, living life with more awareness or pursuing your passion, empowering yourself, learning from your struggles, enriching your soul with greater qualities like patience, obedience, compassion, awareness, empathy or simply loving someone with all your heart unconditionally.

Now, the biggest mystery is to find that purpose for which you were born. And this is the trickiest part – let me tell you – Half of the population lives life without even bothering to question their existence and the rest half of clever blokes have spent half of their life looking for it. Trying to find the meaning of their being in every religion, from every possible instrument available to discover, understand and grasp why they were born after all???

And half of their lives are lost in travelling in circles around these books, religions, people. After circling around when they give up and sit in peace, their heart speaks…and this is where we all can get the meaning of it all by going within.

Most sacred, personal & closest place to any human being. You don’t have to ask anyone, go anywhere, do anything to understand your true purpose. Just get connected to your heart and it will tell you exactly what you should be doing, when & how.

And when you follow your heart you get in sync with life’s flow & it becomes a BLISS. For your soul knows its in the right direction.



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