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Answers to life’s problems..

Known by various names to us – problems, betrayals, hurt, roadblocks, karmas, tragedies, life lessons, accidents and the list goes on…


We all go through tough times and have our fair share of disappointments and hurdles. Some of us can deal with problems more swiftly than others.

Why is it that we have problems? who decides how much and how big issues we should face? why is that we ONLY have to face problems?

WHY ME GOD? WHY ME? A question we often look up and shout in desperation as if we are the only ones carrying whole world’s burden.


A problem is a problem only when you perceive it as a problem. If today there is a problem that you are facing its essentially there for your growth. You might not see the bright side of it now but when you are out of this situation you can certainly look back and understand its relevance. If there is one thing everybody wishes for is trouble-free life but that’s impossible and contradictory to the very concept of life.

If you are facing difficulties then you should face them head on knowing that you have the courage and willpower to overcome it. Only when you visualise the other side of the bridge, you can cross it. When you don’t know whether you can do it, you will actually never succeed at it.


All these problems, sufferings, injustice is given to us to prepare ourselves enjoy the opposite of it. When you know what’s pain – only then you can enjoy the absence of it which is peace and happiness. When you have experienced injustice only then you can truly appreciate the right behaviour.

To make us realise the importance of good things – is the sole purpose of problems in life. When you haven’t seen the downhill you can never truly enjoy the uphill. Everyone experiences terrible tragedies and life altering decisions, they take risks, bear pains, fight with all their might. And all this they have to go through to really understand and cultivate excellent qualities like perseverance, respect and empathy for others who are fighting the same battles, detachment from ego, loving more and fighting less.

When life forces you to have problems, problem forces you to learn and learning forces you to grow.

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you are too difficult.

If you lost all your money, if the love of your life left you, if you were betrayed by someone close, if you have a life threatening disease, if you lost your loved one, you are obviously sad, depressed, suicidal but fact is you should look at yourself as a survivor, a grown spirit, more experienced and instead of losing your life over this one should use the experience to grow and understand what is important in life.

Take a look at your problem very closely, see what experience it brings to you – is it making you more courageous? more wise? more tolerant? Are you doing what you should be doing to put your problem to good use or are you using it to gain sympathy and pity for yourself and a reason to get lazy and complain about life?


Instead of cribbing are you actually doing all the right things to deal with your life’s problems? Like understanding it thoroughly, thinking of all the possible solutions. trying out various solutions or are you so blinded by your tears that you can’t see the answer lies right infront of your eyes?

Mindful problem solving and bearing takes all the qualities like patience, perseverance, courage, love, understanding. If you don’t have have or develop these qualities then you will be burdened by your problems and will go downhill quickly where it will be doubly difficult and need more set of qualities to overcome.

Managing your life’s problems gracefully will determine your success in life.


God gave us a body to work hard to be independent and maintain our relationships. We all deal with the health, money and relationship problems only. In order to live a happy life we need to be in good health so that we can earn well and be independent and keep our relationship flourishing. And this is where the problems start. All our problems fall under these three categories – Health, Work and relationships. IF we learn to put them into separate boxes and deal with them based on priorities life would be much simpler.

If you notice your life revolves only around ‘YOU’ – So to be happy you first need to have perfect emotional, physical and mental health. Nurturing your self first, keeping yourself fit and healthy. Looking after your own needs first will make you equipped to deal with world efficiently.

Once you are in perfect health you easily create a good workflow and get busy, productive and be independent. Now that you are healthy and independent you are in position to give and nurture your relationships.

But if you are confused, lost and not in good health you tend to lose your work and independence. You start expecting from others without first giving anything which disrupts the whole cycle of living. So everything starts from YOU first…



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