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Being true to Your true self…

You were created so that God could experience himself through your soul. But most people are so afraid to open up and live life truly from their heart. All they ever do is to comply with society, family, peers, neighbour, partner, children just to fit their perception of right or wrong. Never once they do a thing in life with confidence that is approved by their HEART.

being true to yourself

One needs to learn to shed away all the insecurities, fears and pressures to live the life they always dreamt of. When you start your day with a smile and do what you love – it could be having your coffee in your favorite cup, listening to your favorite song, taking a hot bath, meditating for ten minutes – it could be anything that makes you feel alive and connected to your life force.

By not allowing any one’s attitude affect your mood you win and truly live.

I bet we hardly even know what exactly our true personality is. We have suppressed our true emotions, wishes with the pressures of what we are expected to BE for so long that we are totally disconnected!!
Imagine a day when you can do what you actually feel like of course without neglecting your duties. Imagine a world where you can actually say what you truly believe in and put an end to endless things you do which don’t resonate with your heart.

One needs to learn to be true to their own true self or else their will be a big hole in your heart which can never be filled even with unlimited chocolates and shopping.


There comes a day when you need to stand up and give yourself the entire centre stage and let it speak its heart out.
To truly understand yourself you need to ask yourself – who are you? what makes you ‘you’? what you truly like? what’s your deepest desire? how you perceive ‘life’? how you choose your behaviour? how do you want others to perceive you?

By defining yourself in exact terms and setting your limits you can move forward and pick the attitude that goes with it. Remember its not easy to break the lifelong habit of wrong attitudes you been following just to agree with the world. Its not always easy to walk on this road and be genuine to yourself and your feelings and do justice to your emotions.

Don’t be a hypocrite – don’t feel one thing and do another – walk your talk – practice what you preach – never judge yourself for being human – you were created to make mistakes and learn from it – Always remember the one you follow is the one you should become – the one you admire is the one you are longing to become.


When you are connected to your true self – you are whole again. It gives you the liberty to finally be ‘you’ and fly.
Your – thoughts/behaviour/attitudes/emotions are in perfect sync. What you think and truly believe in, if you live according to that – there will never be any chaos in your life.
Look around in your life if you find chaos, negativity, pain, disturbance,then its very much possible that your inner world is in chaos. Because we create our own reality and attract exactly what is inside us.
What you see outside is the reflection of your inner world. So when you are in conflict with your true self and have unresolved issues inside of you, you can never find peace in your outside world.
You need to sit with yourself and ASK – there could be some desires, wants that are troubling you – some past hurt, fear of loosing something, insecurities. Ask yourself and see what is there inside of you that’s creating these conflicts?
Then ask your heart what steps you need to take to resolve these emotions and next morning work towards those. When you start working on your heart’s emotions you will be filled with peace, light & happiness.



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