Being true to Your true self…

You were created so that God could experience himself through your soul. But most people are so afraid to open up and live life truly from their heart. All they ever do is to comply with society, family, peers, neighbour, partner, children just to fit their perception of right or wrong. Never once they do a thing in life with confidence that is approved by their HEART.

being true to yourself

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Fear Robs Your Life

Its “o.k” to be afraid in life but letting it rule your life and make decisions based on it is “not o.k” If you revise all your actions in life you will find either they are triggered by Love or Fear. Everytime we have given this opportunity to base our decisions and do something out of love or fear. Love begets joy, success, positivity and fear gives you loss, sadness, void, regrets.


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It’s true when they say “A Man without a goal & passion in his heart is a Fire without light”

We all go through various points of searching a reason to breath in our lifetime. Some of us are yet to understand what is purpose, some of us knowing the importance of it have already begun the search, some of us are living our life’s purpose and if you are alive and reading this it means you still have a purpose to breath.


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